Scholarship Tickets

You’re invited! We are thrilled to offer you a complimentary scholarship ticket to MivaCon 2016

MivaCon 2016 is the ultimate ecommerce summit

This March 9 – 11, we’re gathering in San Diego, CA to dive in to the topics that matter most to ecommerce store owners, developers, and designers.

More than 20 specialized workshops

Hands-on discussion and instruction about the real-world application of ecommerce best practices, innovative strategies, and out-of-the-box tips for success.

One-on-one site reviews

Whether you’ve built 1 site or 20, you need objective, professional grade feedback on what’s working with direct, constructive advice.

Networking and Fun

Network with your future industry peers, and build invaluable new opportunities for partnership and community.

MivaCon2016 is a platform for new ideas, new innovation, new alliances, and new success. Propel your business dreams from vision into action, in a supportive, inspiring environment.

RSVP today to let us know if you’d like to attend MivaCon 2016 as our special guest.

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